All is not well with the Cast and crew of &TV’s Ek Vivah…

The cast and crew of &TV’s popular daily Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi (The House of Originals) is having a hard time shooting these days.
It seems like a sudden change in the weather has taken its toll on the cast of the popular daily.
We hear that, most of the cast and crew is suffering from viral but the dedicated team haven’t stalled the shoot and they continue to work in order to meet the telecast deadlines.
Abhishek Malik, the male protagonist of the show was even hospitalized for a few days because of a viral infection. Malik has been discharged from the hospital and has resumed shooting recently. Tasneem (Sheikh), Sneha (Gupta) and others are the ones who are currently under the weather.
When we spoke to Abhishek, he said, “Yes, everyone is suffering from a viral infection here but we are still positive about everything and we are giving our best. Rise in the TRP has given us the motivation to work harder. We are taking care of each other while we are shooting.”

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