Revealed: TV Celebs and their guilt trips this Diwali

Diwali, a riot of lights, colours, food and sweets is one of the most loved festival for all. Our celebs are no different from the common man who love to eat different sweets but at the same time they try to restrain themselves from consuming them.
In a fun and candid session with , the celebs shared their secret guilt trips that they can’t resist this Diwali season.
Anjum Fakih: Even though I love eating but I restrain myself. In sweets, I love Kalakand, Cham-Cham, Anjeer and Kaju Katli.
Manit Joura: I feel the body is like a temple you can‘t put anything and everything in it. I am a big time foody, I love homemade food. Rasmalai, Moong Dal Halwa, Kaju Barfi, Sohan Papdi are few of the sweets I find simply mouth watering.
Adhvik Mahajan: I love and crave for homemade Jalebi.
Aditi Sajwan: I am in love with homemade sweets. Gujjiya, Namak para, Shakkar Para, Gulab jamun, Suji Ka halwa, we have all of these on Diwali that too homemade delicacies.
Varun Kapoor: It’s been so many years that I have had sweets but would love to have Kaju Katli.
Poonam Preet; I’ll control myself by having stevia based desserts and sweets. As an actress I have to look my best onscreen in my show Naamkarann and so I would avoid consuming extra calories by cutting on sugar because I tend to gain weight easily. I’ll cheat a bit but I’ll balance it by replacing a meal with fruits and salads to balance the total number if calories my body requires per day.
Indeed, we understand, its a task to maintain your health in a tight schedule like theirs but one can cheat a little, after all its the festive season.

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