Reporter says, Radha has come in the court to give her statement against Samrat. His sin pot is full, and his family has come to get him punished. His Bhabhi and Radha come to support Urmi. Samrat asks Ishaan whats going on, and asks him to send Radha back. Ishaan says he got them to bring out the truth. Samrat did not know Radha is planning against him and will come in court to give statement against him. Reporter says, Radha faints in the court and everyone gets shocked. Urmi was surprised by seeing Bhabhi support her.

Urmi had no hope that anyone from her inlaws will help her. Radha gives her statement against Samrat, as he married her and fooled her. Samrat loses the case and Shaurya’s custody goes to Urmi. Samrat gets more troubled when the truth comes out that he has given Rs 50 lakhs to the lawyer to bribe the judge.He gets fooled by the lawyer, as the lawyer keeps all the money. Reporter says, Samrat does not know he is fighting against a strong woman. Samrat gets a good lesson. Urmi fights for justice and every women supports her. Keep reading.

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