A new journey ahead for Devanshi

Colors’ popular daily Devanshi (Full House Media) is all set to kickstart a new journey in its upcoming tracks.
We have learned that in the story ahead, Devanshi (Kashvi Kothari) will be beginning a new expedition to find out the truth about Kusum Sundari’s (Karuna Pandey) identity. So far it is known to us that Devanshi has come closer to knowing about her character.

Our source informs us, “As of now Devanshi has been trying to find out about the truth of Kusum Sundari’s identity as to whether she is the Mata or not. But now, few circumstances will drive another doubt in Devanshi’s mind whether Mata is confused about her own reality.”

Here will begin the game of belief and disbelief as Devanshi will start figuring out whether Mata is confused. While Devanshi would be on a journey to find out about Kusum, the latter will get to know about Devanshi’s plan and will try to defend herself, adds out source.

When we contacted Karuna, she said, “There are many untold stories that are going to unfold. So keep watching Devanshi for more twists and turns and more revelations on interpersonal relationships.”

What’s written in the fate of Devanshi and Kusum? Only time will tell.

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