Aarav’s MALICE for Shuchi to see a romantic change in Bhootu

Zee TV’s endearing supernatural show Bhootu produced by Essel Vision Productions has been witnessing some high intensity male-ego laden drama these days. The ardent viewers of the show has been seeing how, Aarav (Kinshuk Mahajan) is hell bent on punishing Subodh (Sameer Sharma)
for falling in love with his sister especially because he was already married!
In a bid to avenge his hurt male ego, he usurps Shuchi’s (Sana Amin Sheilkh) house! Shuchi is the only person who can hear and see Bhootu aka Pihu (Arshiya Mukherjee), and she is a headstrong girl as well, which is why she will leave her house and set out to live independently.
However, there is bound to be a divine intervention and things are going to be sorted out for the pretty lass!
According to our sources, Baal Krishna (Viraaj Kapoor) will make sure that Shuchi doesn’t stay away from the house because her destiny is entangled with the house!
In the future episodes, Shuchi will try to make Aarav realise, whatever he did to his sister for satiating his penchant for revenge was wrong and that at the end of the day, blood ties matter the most!
The source also revealed that the chemistry between Shuchi and Aarav will also change drastically and things will become lighter in between the two! They will share sweeter moments filled with concern for each other. The deeper aspects of love, relationship in life will be discussed but in a fun manner!
So is there romance in the cards for Aarav and Shachi? Will Aarav finally let go off his anger against his sister? Will Aarav realise his mistake?

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