Aashi to attempt SUICIDE in &TV’s Gangaa

Loyal viewers of &TV’s Gangaa (Sphereorigins) have been witnessing nail-biting moments in the recent episodes.
Viewers have witnessed the sequence of Radhika (Arishfa Khan) playing around on her new skateboard. What followed was Radhika slipping and being on the verge of falling off from the balcony.
Now, the upcoming episode will show Ganga (Aditi Sharma) attempting to rescue Radhika, however, in a twist of fate, she will also fall off the balcony, along with Radhika.
Will they get hurt?
Well, the writers of the show would save the two by putting a sack cart, on which the two will fall.
Post the dramatic episode, cut to another intriguing sub-plot.
Shiv’s (Shakti Anand) sister Aashi’s (Shagun Sharma) marital apathy (not finding a suitable match) will be the topic of discussion among family members.
Later, one prospective groom will meet Aashi, however, will demand a heavy amount as dowry. Shiv will not relent Aashi. She will get furious and attempt suicide.
What will happen next? Will Ganga manage to save Aashi?
Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Shagun for a comment.

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