Aashika Bhatia OPENS UP on her return on TV

Aashika Bhatia is a popular actress. She appeared in shows like Meera, Parvarrish and in a film with Salman Khan, but went missing from the screens after her leg surgery. Aashika has a humongous fan following on social media and makes her presence alive online by creating videos for her fans. Although Aashika has stayed away from the small and big screens, she has been in touch with her fans through an online video-creating application.

Aashika Bhatia, in an interview, said, “It’s not that I have left my work, but a year back I met with an accident and I had to undergo knee surgery. Since then my work has paused and I do miss my work a lot.”

Would she return on TV? She replied, “Of course, I would want to go back to my field as I started with that and I love doing it. Acting is my passion. I would never leave that. TikTok offers me a great platform and I love keeping my fans entertained with the help of it.”

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