Ace of Space 2: Krissan Barretto is NOT quitting

Created by Vikas Gupta, MTV Ace of Space is a captive reality television series. Divya Agarwal is the winner of the first season. Currently, season 2 of the show is on air. Hosted by Vikas, the show premiered recently and has been making headlines for varied reasons. The latest report revolves around contestant Krissan Barretto.

Well, yesterday, there were reports that Krissan suffered an Asthma attack during the first task of the show and wanted to leave the house immediately. However, according to a latest report in, this news is not true and Krissan is very much a part of the show. Though, she got a panic attack because of co-contestants- Baseer and Ohm.

A source from the set told the portal, “The task was underway between two teams. Krissan, who was performing the task, was tortured by opponent teammates- Baseer and Ohm so that she gives up and steps down from the task. And to do that they were constantly throwing water on her face in spite of Krissan telling them not to do so as she has Asthma. But when they didn’t stop, she panicked and started screaming after which her own team member, Salman asked her to step down. But it was not an asthma attack. In fact, the actress has performed another task just yesterday.” Vikas Gupta did not take this lightly and blasted the two- Baseer and Ohm for being so inhuman during the task. Krissan also broke down while Vikas screamed at two.

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