Arshi and Akash bathe together in a jacuzzi!

So in the Colors’ flagship reality show Bigg Boss equations change pretty fast, be it enmity or friendships. Nothig is constant, especially not in the glass walled mansion of Bigg Boss. Akash Dadlani, who was not ready to talk to anyone in the house, is back to normal.
In an uncut video, Akash is seen chilling with everyone in the garden area. Bigg Boss surprises housemates by starting the jacuzzi.
In the uncut Voot video, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan are seen enjoying the bubble bath in a jacuzzi. when the housemates find tha the jacuzzi is working, they spend the day playing with bubbles.
Initially, Arshi and Akash jump into the jacuzzi. Later, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi also join them. However, after some time, Luv and Priyank leave while Arshi and Akash Dadlani continue enjoying their bubble bath together. They dance, sing and what not!
If jacuzzi was not enough, Arshi and Akash also jump into the pool. Akash gives a bumpy back ride to Arshi while the two of them sing the Bigg Boss rap. Looks like, besides fighting, housemates also have some fun time together.

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