Ashnoor Kaur balances her work life and studies

MUMBAI: Education is an important aspect of our lives and it is passport to the future. No matter what profession you pursue, one should always focus on their education. And this is something that our little Ashnoor Kaur a.k.a. Mini from Sony TV’s newly launched show, Patiala Babes follows seriously. Ashnoor is currently studying in 10th standard at a prominent school in Mumbai. She was passionate about acting since a very early age and began with her acting career at the age of 5 years. But along with her acting skills, she is also an intelligent and bright student who has never neglected her studies. She gives equal importance to her education and balances her work and studies.

As she has already started her preparations for the upcoming board exams, she is working hard towards achieving her goals. Ashnoor gets her books on the sets to study and makes the most of her free time. Time management is something that she has learnt at a very early age and is thereby passing with flying colours each year.

Talking about her studies, Ashnoor Kaur a.k.a. Mini said, “It is bit difficult to balance work and studies together but where there is a will, there is a way. I am very focused about my studies and don’t neglect it under any circumstances. I want to make my parents proud and pass with good marks. The ones who really want to study will eventually find out time and energy to study even after a hectic day. My parents and school are very supportive, and this makes my life easy.”

Patiala Babes revolves around Babita and Mini, the show depicts the special mother-daughter relationship where the daughter not only gives wings to her mother but helps her take the leap of faith. The show has been well received by the viewers for its unique concept and realistic narrative. Babita and Mini get to know that Ashok, the father is in a relationship with another lady in London and wants to get her home. Babita realises that Ashok never loved her, when Mini realises that her father is not interested in her mother, she stands by her mother like a pillar and tells her that she need not beg for his love and attention. The mother – daughter duo walk out of the house to start afresh and live for themselves with each other’s support.

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