Avni’s life in danger in Naamkarann

Mumbai: Star Plus’ daily soap Naamkarann is all set to witness a new drama in the upcoming episodes. The show’s lead character Avni’s (played by Aditi Rathore) life will be in danger.

It will happen so that a gang of goons will enter the orphanage. The hoodlums will crash in the orphanage and start threatening everyone. The kids will automatically start screaming and shouting. When Avni will try to protest, they will try to keep her mouth shut. They will drag her at the point of a knife, into the kitchen. The hooligans will then turn the gas stove on and lock her in the kitchen. Meanwhile, they will also threaten the kids to light the kitchen room.

Avni will be unaware of who has sent the goons, however the reason behind the attack will be quite clear to her. The attackers want Avni to vacate the orphanage along with the kids. Clealry Avni won’t agree to it. Neither will she take the help of her estranged lover Neil (Zain Imam).

In this case, how will Avni get out of this situation?

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