BB10: ‘Not Again’: Om Swami FILES a complaint about getting ‘Physically Assaulted’..!

The Om Swami saga just doesn’t seem to end…

The Om Swami fiasco just keeps getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. The self proclaimed god-man has been controversy’s favourite baby since his ousting from ‘Bigg Boss Season 10.’

However, just when we thought that the whole fiasco was finally getting a standstill and fading out, one recent incident sparked the interest of everyone.

The man was a part of a public interview at a news channel’s programme recently. And before you can imagine, what was expected did happen.

Things escalated quickly, where there was a slug-fest between Om Swami and some people at the programme.

And probably to capitalise on this moment and make it to the news, according to a leading news daily, Om Swami has lodged a police complaint alleging that he was assaulted at the programme and has been getting threatening calls from the underworld too.

ASP Gaurav Grover mentioned that they have asked for the CCTV footage and will investigate the matter only after watching the footage.

We wonder what is gonna be the next update on this saga! What do you have to say about the same?

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