#BB10: OMG! Manu and Mona kiss in the Bigg Boss house!

Did they really lock lips?

Manu and Mona’s friendship’ has always been under the scanner of the housemates, as well as the audience. Even their respective real-life partners Priya Saini and Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh Rajput have a lot to say about Manu and Mona’s friendship.

While Mona’s fiance Vikrant mentioned that he was not sure of the status of their engagement, Priya was more trusting of Manu and went on to state that she and Manu would wed in Goa after his stint in Bigg Boss ends.

But after coming across these pictures of Manu and Mona, we are not sure about how Vikrant and Priya would react or what would they have to say to their partners.

The live feed of the Bigg Boss house captured Mona and Manu kissing each other. Now if that is a camera angle or an awkward moment we do not know. But the two were in pretty close proximity that it appears to the viewer that they are indeed locking lips.

What do you guys make of this picture? Leave in your comments below.

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