#BB10: WHAAT? Om Swami THREATENS the makers of ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’?

When exactly will this man’s ‘antiques’ stop??

The saga about Om Swami keeps on getting more intense with every passing day. From being the trouble maker to being unreasonable and even passing derogatory comments, Om Swami has done it all.

However, each and everytime, when a contestant has tried to cross the limits, he/she has been slammed and punished. We can refer to contestants like Imam Siddique and Priyanka Jagga for examples.

And when it comes to Om Swami, the self-proclaimed god-man has already exited the show twice for his legal issues and re-entered the house. However, even after receiving extreme flak from Salman Khan, it seems the man just doesn’t wanna stop.

It so happened that before re-entering the house, Om Swami went on to the extent of threatening the makers of the show that he should in fact be declared the WINNER of the show. If that doesn’t happen, then apparently, he would shut the show.

He also threatened about getting his union members to the finale to take ‘strict action’ against them.
We don’t even know how to react to this insanity and absolute stupidity.

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