Bedroom secrets of newly wedded couple Dhruv & Shruti

Recently ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ actor Dhruv Bhandari tied the knot with his girlfriend and choreographer Shruti Merchant in a low-key affair at Mauritius. The wedding was a three day grand affair attended by their family and close friends.
Dhruv Bhandari and Shruti Merchant;s wedding was very furtive affair. Dhruv too was very reticent about it, however when we probed a little bit more than usual he sheepishly shared, “I kept it a private affair because I wanted to enjoy the most special moments of my life away from the hassles of media. Had I called the media at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to give proper time for interviews also and to all the functions also.”
The wedding sure was a secret affair and the courtship between the two was kept under the wraps – It would be more apt to say that the couple made a conscious effort to keep their affair buttoned up, but things weren’t as covert as it seemed. Talking about the proposal, Dhruv quipped,” I made the first move. I believe every girl dreams of getting a dream proposal from her man, and I thought I should make the first move.”
And now that the couple is happily married, we did a fun segment with Dhruv to get his bedroom secrets out. Be the Paul pry yourself! Wink wink!
Which is your favourite side of bed?
It has to be the right side.
Who makes the morning bed tea?
No-one has made till now.
Who snores?
Neither of us snores.
Ever fought for a blanket?
Yes, we have fought for a blanket many times.
Cuddle or kiss: What do you both prefer?
We prefer both. You see, one thing leads to another.
What are you comfortable wearing in your bedroom, Pyjamas or a sexy lingerie?
That depends on the mood.
Do you prefer to keep the Lights on or off?
It depends, but mostly off.
(We are almost panting now!)
Who makes the first move?
I do.
Other than the bedroom, where else do you like to make out?
WHAAAT??? That’s a secret.
The couple surely keeps matters between the sheets. On a serious note, they surely are a loving couple and Tellychakkar wishes them all the happiness and love now and forever. And yes, Dhruv and Shruti keep the passion ignited!

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