Benafsha Sonawalla pull down her SENSUOUS PICTURE from social media

It was only recently that Benafsha Soonawalla posted a sensuous picture of herself.

She posed exposing her bare body. No doubt we could ogle at her beauty for hours. But she pulled the picture down. She indicated a reason of some people shaming her. She was brave enough to pose and post a picture on Instagram.

She put a video with her lover boy and captioned the post as: Ok y’all, so instagram removed my extra hot photo because they couldn’t take such extra hotness. I’m sure it got reported by some of you, but it’s okay, I’ll wait for a world where no one will judge you by the color of your skin, by how much skin you show, or by any other made up “idealistic” rules by none other than a few people that are so angry with their own lives. A world where a body is not looked upon as a sexual object, but just, simply, a beautiful body. No worries, I got a beautiful family that’s too cute to post on Instagram and my babe who love me and are very proud of me for everything that I do, achieve, give and more. And until I have that, I don’t need anyone, anything.

Lots of love to the rest of you.

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