Bengali TV show actors and their favourite romantic song

The beauty of romantic songs is that they touch your heart deeply. Depending on your mood, they sometimes make you sentimental and sometimes make you experience a sweet feeling. Everyone has their own favourite and our actors are no different. So, caught up with a few Bengali TV show actors to know their favourite songs. Read on-
Ankita Majumder: Lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho…
Uday Pratap Singh: Hawayein from Harry Met Sejal.
Tonni Laha Roy: I do not have a particular favourite romantic song. Any soft romantic song is my favourite and I am not that fond of loud songs.
Piyali Basu: Mile ho tum humko.
Kunal Banerjee: It’s very difficult to say which one is my favourite song. I have many favourite songs. At the moment the Hindi songs that I remember are ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga, pehla nasha, na tum jaano na hum, tum hi ho…And in terms of Bengali songs, I like the title track of Sudhu Tomari Jonno and tomake chai from Gangster. Then ei raat tomar amar is my all time favourite.
Mafin Chakraborty: Yeh haseen wadiyan yeh khula aasman
Amila Sadhukhan: Bol do na zara is my favourite song.

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