Bigg Boss 12 winner Dipika Kakar was numb seeing the double standards of fellow contestants

MUMBAI: Dipika Kakar is one of the most loved television stars. She is known for the serial, Sasural Simar Ka. Her upcoming soap is Kahan Tum Kahan Hum opposite Karan V Grover. She also participated in Bigg Boss 12 and ended up winning the show. As the season 13 of the controversial show is set to kick-start, Dipika spoke about how the double standards of her fellow contestants shocked her, and she also gave her advice to the upcoming contestants.

She told, “I was very transparent since beginning till end of the show. I have never tried to show or control my personality but behaved the way I used to behave in day today’s life. Then too there were people inside who accused me of being fake. But I could survive for 105 days was only because I was the same person. That’s why people loved me and made me the winner of Bigg Boss 12.”

She added, “The only thing which I felt bad after my journey and I will also want to request to the families of upcoming season contestants that the kind of dirt they throw on each other is not good. We as contestants inside may fight and patch-up but what is the point of their families getting involved and start doing mud-slinging. They have all the right to defend their own family but surely they don’t have right to raise their fingers on someone else is what I believe. It is so disturbing I can’t even tell you. When I came out of Bigg Boss house, I was numb for almost two weeks reading negative things about me. I didn’t know how to react as I am seriously not the one who can act seeing the camera.”

The actress further said how she was shocked to experience people who were different inside with her and after coming out from the house took a 360 degree turnover. She said, “Inside they said yes she is eligible to win and after coming out they were like no no she doesn’t deserve to win. So I was like such double standard people don’t deserve my existence. So all these things are definitely disturbing but end of the day you have to be really strong and your family has to be strong which thankfully my husband Shoaib and sister-in-law Saba were. The day when I came back home that time my in laws were literally in tears. It’s very heart-warming when you see this.”

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