Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana OPENS UP about her breakup with boyfriend

One reality show that is famous for fights, arguments and controversies is undoubtedly Bigg Boss. Season 13 of the popular show is currently on air and the dramatic episodes have kept the viewers hooked to the TV screens.

Himanshi Khurana was also seen in the ongoing season. Later, she got evicted. Her equation with Asim Riaz has always made headlines. On the other hand, Asim has openly expressed his feelings for Himanshi.

Viewers know how Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan had blamed Asim Riaz for being the reason behind Himanshi Khuarna’s breakup. Well, the Punjabi model-actress, who entered the controversial house to support Asim, has finally opened up about the whole separation drama. While at first she met the Kashmiri boy and shared some lovable moments with him, later she had an intense conversation about the drastic changes that took place in her life after getting evicted from the show.

Himanshi revealed what went wrong in her relationship and how things turned nasty. She told Asim that her boyfriend (now ex-beau) is a very normal, common and conservative person. He did not like how Asim continuously expressed his feelings for her. Asim’s flirting and closeness did not go down well with him, as Chow was always protective about her. After she went back from the house, she was expecting an emotional support from him, but he denied giving her any. So, after a long time, she decided to take a stand for herself and call it off. She revealed that the two have mutually parted ways and put an end to their nine-year-long relationship.

The actress also went on to reveal that she did not have any male friends while she was dating Chow, and thus when he (Asim) confessed his feelings for her, she did not understand how to react to it. But, she had by then gotten a hint about her partner’s situation and thought that continues being in it, she would’ve been questioned and taunted her entire life. Himanshi also mentioned that her mother is extremely fond of Asim and has asked him not to lose his calm often. She said her mother is crazy about him and loves him a lot.

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