Casting director Shadman Khan shares tips for newcomers to nail auditions

For any aspiring actor who wishes to make a mark in the industry, it is very important to impress a casting director.
Shadman Khan, a popular casting director who owns casting agency called Shadman Khan casting agency got in touch with to share his experience. Khan who started his career as an actor has cast for numerous TV shows like Yeh Hai Mohabttein, Kasam, Detective Dev, Namkaran, Nimki Mukhiya so on and so forth. In an exclusive chat with r, Khan who has done casting for more than 150 shows shared tips for aspiring actors that would impress a casting director in the audition room.
Be sincere: Play the character truthfully and honestly. Respond well to any direction given.
Be spontaneous: Show the ability to improvise and work on the spot.
Be grateful: Be respectful to everyone in the room and show gratitude for the audition opportunity.
Confidence is the key: Be confident and hesitate from giving it, everything you have, yet, if the directors don’t take you too kindly, there’s nothing more you can do.
Practice makes a man: Rehearse your script before you come for the audition so that you feel comfortable moving around the stage and utilizing the entire space you’re given.
Other integral aspects: The most important thing is an actor’s impressions left on a casting director are looks, attire, a positive attitude, humility, ability to accept the flaws and feedback in your acting, the audition must be well prepared because that will make a long lasting impression on any casting director.
To sum it all up these are a few strategies that all the would-be actors out there should keep in mind. And we also hope Shadman receives all the accolades he deserves.

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