Check out Alivia’s cool ‘tire workout’ video

Better late than never…

Seems this quote is perfect for Alivia Sarkar!

After a gap of a few years, the pretty actress, known for Bengali dailies like Jhanj Lobongo Phool, Bhutu and Milon Tithi, has made sure to pay attention to her fitness.

With this aim in mind, she has enrolled her name into the gym to maintain her fitness…after all health is wealth.
The actress even has shared a video on Instagram which features her flipping a heavy tire at the gym.
Sharing more about it, she said to , “I joined gym recently, after a break of three years. I had to leave gym for my hectic schedules. I was focusing on the improvement of my career and couldn’t get time. Now as I am getting time, I joined gym again and I am adjusting hell lot of time to maintain my fitness.”

“The video is about crossfit training. Well, it’s totally different type of a drill. After flipping the tire for 10 times we had to do step up on it for 40 times. This exercise is totally new in Kolkata and boasts energy. Being a fitness freak, I didn’t want to miss it,” she added.

Way to go, Alivia!

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