Checkout Jennifer Winget’s DIET ROUTINE

Jennifer Winget is one of the most loved personalities on television.

The actress is not only talented but also is loved for the kind of roles she chooses. She is a good mix of cuteness and sexiness. Well Jennifer is one of the fittest actresses of television. Television actors do not usually get the time to workout as they work round the clock and often choose to diet.

Today let us take a look at Jennifer’s diet routine…

Jennifer, in a media interaction said that she has a habit of night munching and it was very difficult for her to take control of. She mentioned that the first thing she does after waking up is has warm water and a shot of aloevera.

Jennifer also mentioned that she is a rice eater but while shooting for Code M she had stopped eating rice. She also mentioned that she is not very fussy about food and eats whatever is cooked at home. Jennifer tries to eat her last meal by 7:30 but the latest she eats it is 9:30.

She is fond of Asian cuisine.

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