Contestants go ‘Ring a Ding Dong’ in the next task of Splitsvilla X

This season of Splitsvilla has seen the boys having the time of their lives with the girls kissing, licking and frisking them while they have just stood and enjoyed. Not anymore! This week will have the boys blindfolded and tied up as they guide the girls through a task with a bamboo in between their legs!
Yes, you heard it right! This week’s episode will see the boy’s pair up with their partners to perform a task titled ‘Ring a Ding Dong’. The hilarious task will see the boys being blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back and the girls’ mouth being taped while they have a bamboo in between their legs. The girls have to then guide the boys to pick up rings hanging in the middle of the ground.
Speaking about the same, a source from the sets revealed, “It was quite a painful task for the boys. One wrong turn and the boys would shout ‘Ding Dong’ to express their pain. Though it was a tough task the couples gave each other a strong competition and it was a close race to the finish.”

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