EXCLUSIVE! ‘Vikram’s heart beats only for his sister Parineet and his love Neeti’ Parineetii’s Ashish Dixit gets CANDID on bagging the show, his preparations and more

MUMBAI: Parineetii went on floors from the 14th of February. According to the promo, the show focuses on two best friends who end up marrying the same boy. The show looks promising with the gorgeous ladies Achal Sahu and Tanvi Dogra and the dapper Ankur Verma in lead.

We got in touch with the charming Vikram Kakkar aka Ashish Dixit to know about his reaction to bagging Parineetii, his character and more. Check out what he had to share:

What was your reason behind taking up Parineetii?

Ofcourse, Balaji is a major banner and it’s an Ekta Kapoor show. Since last year and a half I had quit TV and was trying in web and films. I wasn’t keen on picking Tv despite having some great offers but when I got a call from Balaji it seemed like my home ground is calling me as in my initial days I was associated with Gumrah and I even did Gandi Baat 4 so there has been this attachment with the production house too.

What interested you the most about the show and character?

When I got the offer, I was keen on knowing everything about the show and my character. I came to know that Parineetii is an adaption from her previous shows and the character was quite interesting being the parallel lead. I wanted to be a part of the show, before me Altamash was locked for the character and even before that there was a long list of actors being reject. Although at first when I got the call I was on denial but when I went for the look test and Ekta ma’am’s approval came in favour for me there wasn’t any looking back. One of the major reasons was my trust on Ekta ma’am, as when she mentions if the character is parallel lead then she justifies it in her shows, we have seen shows from other production houses where you would be mentioned as the parallel lead but there wouldn’t be any story around your character, but with Ektaji I trust her vision.

Tell us something about Vikram Kakkar? Did you do any preparations?

Vikram is someone who likes to keep his body fit. When I was lock for the character my body wasn’t the way it was supposed to look on screen so now I am working towards the goal I have already hire a personal trainer and I have begun to bring my body in shape. As I want to be true to my character and I want to look as it has been explained so I am doing all my best to bring out the abs and the cuts and make myself look exactly how Vikram would look.

Talking about my character of Vikram is in love with Neeti, he would do anything that she tells he gets very nervous when he sees her so whatever she says he just agrees because it’s Neeti who is telling him. Although there are a lot more things a lot more layers which would come out with Vikram’s character as he still doesn’t know that she loves him or not as she likes Rajeev.

When it comes to Parineeti who is Vikram’s sister he considers her as his little kid because she is someone who is the god’s child in the house. He would do anything for her and would beat anybody for honour he listens to only two people in the house that is Parineet and Neeti. So all in all you could say Vikram is very adamant is very strong but has a very soft heart. His heartbeat only for two people and that is Parineet and Neeti, apart from the two he wouldn’t listen to anybody in the house.

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