Gaurav, Narayani feel no discomfort in being friends after split

MUMBAI: Actors Gaurav Chopraa and Narayani Shastri continue to share a bond despite their split. They say with time, the awkwardness disappears.

In a chat with host Rajeev Khandelwal for Zee TV’s chat show “JuzzBaatta Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak”, Gaurav and Narayani, who were dating years ago, spoke about their unique bond, a statement said.

When Rajeev asked them if they felt any awkwardness or discomfort while being friends after their split, Gaurav and Narayani unanimously answered the question with a firm “No”.

Narayani said: “Gaurav and I were very open about our relationship and everybody knew about it. When you try to keep in touch or be friends with your ex, it is awkward initially because you are moving from one phase to another, but eventually the awkwardness just disappears and you just get used to it.”

Gaurav added: “It is somewhat difficult, but in our case, we understood that we are better off as friends and not as a couple.”

Asked how their respective partners feel about their bond of friendship, Narayani said: “I have to be careful. I remember I have said a few things in front of Hitisha because I have known Gaurav for years now. So, I tend to say things which I am not supposed to.

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“Moreover, Hitisha is a warm person and takes things in the right spirit.”

Complimenting Narayani, Gaurav said: “Narayani’s best quality is that she is transparent and self-confident and it is very easy for a man to understand her, simply because there is no pretence.

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