Haasil: Ranveer drops the plans to propose Aanchal courtesy Kabir

Romantic – thriller Haasil has been creating ripples in the entertainment space. As promised, the show has been giving the right amount of twists and turns. In the coming episodes the viewers can expect more drama.
has some interesting spoiler about the Alchemy Productions’ venture. As the viewers have already seen that the relationship between Aanchal played by Nikita Dutta and Kabir portrayed by Vatsal Sheth is growing strong.
Kabir will click selfies with Aanchal and show his family. On the other hand Ranveer who has already fallen in love with the bold lady will be planning to propose her with a ring. “He will buy a ring to propose his lady love.” However, things will go futile once Ranveer gets to know about Kabir’s infatuation towards Aanchal.
A source explains, “As soon as Kabir shows his pictures with Aanchal, the elder brother will understand his feelings for her. He would like a girl to create a rift between their brotherhood.”
Consequently, Ranveer will drop his plans of proposing Aanchal and will keep the ring to himself.
Now, the biggest question lurking is whether the former arc rivals’ companionship is a means to extract vengeance or is for real? One can figure that out, once the show proceeds further.
Meanwhile, while you were reading this piece, so much has already happened in the Telly world.

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