Heli Daruwala feels fortunate to be a part of Naagin 3

MUMBAI: Heli Daruwala is a popular actress and a well-known face in the entertainment industry. She holds a degree in dentistry but is currently pursuing a career in acting. Heli has been part of the shows like MTV Webbed 2, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, and Khotey Sikkey. The actress is currently seen in Naagin 3, where she plays the role of Anu, one of the main characters.

business degrees had a conversation with the actress, where she spoke about her journey, her role in Naagin 3, and much more.

When asked if she believed in a show like Naagin 3, the actress said that she loves being a part of supernatural shows and that if an actor plays a role with full conviction, then the audience becomes convinced. She further stated that from the audience point of view, viewers are being entertained and that’s the major reason the show is a huge success. In fact, she used to love watching Naagin 1 and 2. She believes that the credit for Naagin being such a successful series goes to the makers and writers.

Heli is thrilled to be a part of a show filled with suspense. She says that sometimes, the actors themselves don’t know what is going to happen in the show, which keeps the excitement building in each episode.

When the actress signed the serial, she didn’t know too many details about her character and only a day or two to prep for the role. She never imagined that her role would have had so many shades.

Heli is open to working in the digital medium also. Unfortunately, the actress has not had the time to see the promo of her producer Ekta Kapoor’s next digital series X.X.X.

The actress recently accepted that she is in a relationship with Ankit Anand, and the two have been dating for 7 years. Both families are aware of their relationship. When asked if marriage was on the cards, she said that they both are focusing on their careers, and when the right time comes, they will take the plunge.

The actress doesn’t follow Bigg Boss religiously but she said if she were offered the show, her answer would depend on what she is working on at the time. Her friends have told her that she won’t be able to do the show, as she is a very emotional person. She also feels that staying in the house is very tough.

In her free time, Heli likes to dance. She is a trained Bharatanatyam (since 10 years) and Kathak dancer (4 years) and knows a little belly dancing. She learned Bharatanatyam from her guruji Dimple Deputy.

Heli also co-owns restaurant 1BHK along with three other actresses, Simple Kaul, Aditi Malik, and Vatsala, and sometimes manages the place.

She is one of the few actors to have worked with two big production houses: YRF (Khotey Sikkey) and Balaji (Naagin 3).

business degrees wishes Heli loads of luck!

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