Hina Khan gets TROLLED!

Hina Khan is a very talented actress.

She is slowly making her way as a Bollywood actress after becoming a star on television and two of her projects, Unlock and Hacked are in the top 20. Clearly she is charming the audience well.

Hina is also very active on social media and keeps posting interesting updates about herself and what all she is doing. Her workout videos are most viewed and her followers gain inspiration from her. Recently, she put up a post about shooting for a project where she showed her lavish vanity. As she entered her vanity, she asked her crew on which planet are they for they were fully covered looking like little astronauts given the safety protocols they have to follow keeping in mind the virus.

The crew replied NASA and on the same, Hina said why not ISRO.

A follower of Hina on social media laughed and passed a sarcastic reply on the same. The fan said: isro @NASA when did u guys become planet. @eyehinakhan

Hine replied: Just like u understood what wasn’t meant.. I understood what wasn’t said..it happens after you’ve known each other long enough. U’d know this if common sense wasn’t such a black hole for some..she meant she works thr

U see what you are and u don’t what aren’t!

Well said Hina!

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