Hits and Misses of TV celebs

It’s not important that our style icons always end up impressing their fans and setting style statements. Celebs are just like us. They love to experiment with their looks time and again. They follow the latest trends and make sure to look dishy .
For some, it’s a hit and for some, it’s a miss as they end up portraying a disastrous sense of styling and become the butt of ridicule in the game of our weekly hits and misses.
Take a look at this week’s set of hits and misses where a few gorgeous actresses managed to win our hearts with their mind-boggling sense of style whereas a few need to work hard on their’s.
Amruta Khanvilkar (MISS): Amruta has always managed to win our hearts by her dressing style. Wearing a pencil skirt and a one side shoulder black top with geometric patterns and red dangling earrings is not an impressive combination worn by the actress. This is surely a miss.

Ankita Bhargava(HIT): The actress is wearing a white Anarkali with a traditional scarf on top of it. The combination doesn’t stand out totally for Ankita but is pretty enough and the actress is carrying it well, so this surely is a hit.

Ayesha Adlekha (MiSS): Without a doubt Ayesha Adlekha’s ensemble is a big miss. The actress is definitely wearing a weird combination as she can be seen portraying the look of a “GUNDI” but the look has come out as a disaster and is completely awry.

Barkha Singh (HIT): the gorgeous and sexy Barkha Singh looks splendid and is killing it in this click of hers. Barkha looks beautiful in a black short combined with cream top and stilettoes. The hot red lip colour is just highlighting her pouters. This surely is a hit for us.

Hiba Nawab (HIT): The bubbly Hiba Nawab looks simply beautiful as she portrays a look that screams “simplicity at its best.” The actress is totally winning many hearts for her styling sense and her gorgeous click. This is definitely a hit.

Surbhi Chandana (MISS): Ishqbaaaz actress “Surbhi Chandana” who has always managed to win our hearts by her dressing style, has failed to impress us with her leather dress look this time. The actress is beautiful in all sense of the word but this look of hers is a complete miss. What do you feel?

Surbhi Jyoti (Hit): What better can a go-to look be like? Surbhi Jyoti looks simple and pretty in her black knee length dress with a simple hairdo to go with it, hence making it to our list in the hit category.

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