‘Hurt but ain’t broken’: Laksh

Porus, the first global TV series featuring on Sony Entertainment television, has roped in Aaron W. Reed to play a crucial part in the show. It is gaining immense popularity with its beautiful scenes, stunning visuals and peerless acting performances. The upcoming track in the show is surely going to engage viewers at large as Puru (played by Laksh) will be seen fighting the WWE wrestler Aaron Reed in the arena.

Puru will be seen standing in the arena heroically stepping up for the fight against the Persians. Bamini (played by Aditya Redij) will wonder about his identity and Puru will describe himself as an Indian. Bamini will hesitate about Puru fighting but Darius (played by Praneet) will allow him for the fight. Puru will be seen fighting the Persian warrior while entire Persia will be tensed about the outcome.

Aaron Reed who blended with the sequence of the show seamlessly reveals, “The experience has been wonderful. I am very impressed with the way the show is being shot and overall production quality. The directors and the staff have been quite helpful. When I saw myself on camera looking better than ever, I thought to myself that I want to do more of such work.”

On the other hand, Laksh took to social media and shared a story where he is seen with a bruise on his face. The actor captioned the image saying, ‘Hurt but ain’t broken.’

Will Puru win against the Persian Warrior? Will Puru reveal his real identity to Bamini?

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