I would love to play Ranveer Singh’s role of Khilji from Padmavat: Arun Mandola

MUMBAI: While birthdays might mean wild parties for some, for actor Arun Mandola, birthdays are a time for some self-reflection and devotion. The actor, who recently turned a year older, celebrated his birthday by going to the temple. ‘I celebrated my birthday by praying at Siddhi Vinayak Mandir and Mahalakshmi Temple. My gift to myself this year is a resolution that I will change myself totally as an actor,’ he says.

His fans, of course, have been sending him a lot of love for his birthday. ‘The way I am getting messages from my India and Thailand fans, I have no words to explain it. I just want to give my love to my all fans and thank them for encouraging me so much,’ he says.

The actor wants to be part of a vampire show next. ‘Well, I am looking for some vampire show, where I can play a positive vampire. I know it’s very difficult to get this kind of show but I am sure someone will make this kind of show soon and I hope to be in it,’ he says.

That does not mean he doesn’t want negative roles. ‘Yes, I am ready to play negative roles as well. I would love to play Ranveer’ Singh’s role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji from Padmavat,’ he says.

Meanwhile, the actor has grown his hair and looks dashing. ‘Well, it’s very difficult to maintain long hair, but I am a creative guy and I feel my long hair is lucky for me. I look different from everyone else,’ he says.

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