I’m single; will declare openly if I fall in love- Radhika Madan

Out of sight is out of mind is something that the TV industry has believed since past many years. However, when it comes to this pretty lady, this surely is not the case. She is surely out of sight since a year but not out of mind.
Radhika Madan is still remembered for her character Ishani in Color’s popular drama Meri Aashqui Tum Se Hi produced by Balaji Telefilms. It’s been a year since she had taken a conscious break to prep for her upcoming movie Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota. Meanwhile her fans are drooling over her recent photo series on social media. The all natural photo shoot proves that the lady is ready for her big silver screen debut.
touch with the beautiful girl who has been away from media since quite some time. In a heart of hearts conversation with us, Radhika revealed everything about her that will help her fans understand her in depth. Excerpts from the interview –
What are you up to these days?
I’m prepping up for my debut movie with Abhimanyu Dassani (Actress Bhagyashree’s son). It is directed by Vadsu Bala and is good banner film. It will be a comedy action film so you will be able to see me in a completely different avatar. I’ve been busy with practicing for stunts, action and everything. Apart from that I’m travelling, meeting people, reading scripts and focusing on my career.
So do you plan to quit TV or will we get to see you back?
Currently I don’t want to do TV. I want to focus more on films. Honestly in the future maybe I won’t mind doing TV but it’s just that I would focus on good content. Whether it’s films, digital or any medium content is what matters. Finite series are something that excites me. A show like 24, where you shoot like a movie and then get out of a character, you don’t have to play one role forever.
Do you feel there’s stigma against TV actors who foray into films?
If you would have said the same thing 5 years ago I would have agreed to you. However, the whole scenario is changed today. Before even producers were not willing to take a TV actor in their films, now they know that TV actors are not just affordable but they are also liked by the masses. Post Sushant(Singh Rajput) and Ayushmann(Khurrana) things have changed. Directors know that we have been through so much hard work on TV, be it is shooting 16 hours a day; they know that we have less drama. Perceptions have changed. Even the audience now doesn’t really care who is on screen, even they want to watch good content.
So what did TV teach you?
TV teaches you a lot. I have learnt my acting while shooting. However, it is limited. You just play one character though there could be shades to it. You can’t really experiment. I loved my show but I wanted to do something out of the box. TV lacks Versatility.
Even after a hiatus your fan following hasn’t lessened. It must be a huge responsibility to cater your fans.
I’m overwhelmed with the love that I get. Even after being off-screen, I’ve been cherished by my fans, the credit goes to them. However, I would still be myself. That is the reason people started loving me in the first place. I’ll post what I feel like. If I think there’s something important to be shared I’ll pass it on to the public; that is my responsibility. I won’t stop myself from posting anything. Also, one needs to understand, because you are a public figure people want to know everything about you. Some just can’t accept this. As a celebrity, you’ll have to deal with it, if you can’t, then don’t be in the industry in the first place. Don’t crib about it later.
What do you think of the current Indian TV scenario?
Web-series are doing so well currently but on TV nothing really exciting is there barring a few shows. Web-series are going all bold while TV is still attached to saas bahu drama. Today, it is important to show the reality. You need to show the audience what is happening you just can’t show them any non-sense. Again on digital platform as well there are some people with a herd mentality to go bold just to get views while some really do it because of the demand. If the script and content is good and I feel like the script requires the scene, I won’t mind going bold.
Let’s talk about your personal front.
Whenever I’ll be sure about my relationship with someone I will shout out about it. I’ll declare about my love life if I’m in a committed relationship. People might think that someone might be my boyfriend just because I’m posting pictures with him. He could just be my friend. Currently I’m single. I would like to keep it that way unless I fall for someone.
What is your idea of romance?
I’m completely filmy when it comes to romance. For me romance is more like a fairy tale. I will like a guy for his heart, his intellect, his depth of looking at things and his understanding towards life. Looks don’t matter to me. They are out of question. What matters to me is what is inside, that’s exciting!
A lot many actors have been shifting to Indonesia. Why?
In Indonesia, it is quite a rage. Love is the same in both countries but over there things are mad. The love is unconditional over there. That’s the reason actors are travelling and shifting. I celebrated my birthday there with my fans and trust me I didn’t miss my friends, my family, no one. I’ve never seen such love and fan following for myself in my entire life.
Tell us something about yourself that we really don’t know about.
I’m an extroverted introvert! There are days when I talk to people on airplane, I chitchat with my vendor on street and some days I’m just aloof. I like to be alone, read books, not being disturbed by anyone not even my family. Just sit and explore my time. That’s how I get my inner strength.

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