In conversation with Paridhi aka Mona Singh!

Mona Singh shares about her role and experience shooting for Kavach….. Kaali Shaktiyon Se!

‘Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon se’ is one of the most awaited shows of the year. The show revolves around Paridhi (Mona Singh) and Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya), who are haunted by a spirit named Manjulika (Mahek Chehel). Manjulika is a spirit who had died in vain.

It is said that when a person dies without finishing or accomplishing a task, his or her spirit wanders the human world until it has achieved what it wants. In this case, Manjulika is an old lover of Rajbir, who couldn’t win his heart. Ever since she died, her spirit has been haunting all of Rajbir’s past girlfriends and killing them! Rajbir is now going to get married to Paridhi and naturally Paridhi is Manjulika’s next target!

We spoke to Mona, to know more about her role and experience so far and this is what the elated lady has to say-
Could you please tell us more about your character?
I play Paridhi, a very modern girl. Despite being modern, she is very conservative. She is an archaeologist who loves to do her job. She won’t reject any opportunity to dig into old artefacts and letters. She is very inquisitive.

What is your relationship with Rajbir?
I am Rajbir’s soon to be wife. And we have been in a relationship for almost four years. I have a strict rule for Rajbir – Shaadi se pehle kuch nahi!’. Rajbir and I are head over heels for each other but now that our marriage is fast approaching, a lot of strange things have started to happen!
Can you tell us about the other side of Paridhi?

The other side of Paridhi is revealed when she gets possessed by Manjulika! While Paridhi avoids a physical relationship with Rajbir before marriage, the possessed Paridhi tries to seduce him. The Possessed Paridhi also harms herself. Initially, she didn’t use to believe in possession and spirits but after experiencing it first hand, she decides to protect Rajbir from the evil clutches of Manjulika.

How is the experience shooting with your co-stars?
I have been blessed with a beautiful team! Vivek and Mahek are both sweethearts. Both of them are very friendly and are very supportive. We keep joking around on the sets all the times and all of us are very compatible.

We wish Mona all the best for her upcoming show Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se. Let us know through your comments if you are as excited for the show as we are!