It is Mahira Sharma versus Avneet Kaur

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Mahira Sharma and TV actress Avneet Kaur are keeping themselves entertained with TikTok. Both the actresses were seen grooving to Priyanka Chopra’s number from The Sky Is Pink titled Memba. This very TikTok video saw the actresses undergoing a transformation from looking to pretty to glamorous in a jiffy. Both Avneet and Mahira are seen kicking it off in style, we would to want know who nailed this TikTok challenge better.

Avneet is seen in red t-shirt with messy hair, but in a jiffy transforms into a glamorous diva in a dress with subtle makeup. Mahira Sharma is seen in white cropped top in her video, later transforming into a red hot diva in a floral red outfit.

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