Iti Acharya speaks about the intention of her short film Scream

Director Siddharth Selvarai has come up with a short film titled Scream. The short film portrays the harsh reality that underlines the ongoing child abuse in India. Previously, the script was penned by Tanya for Leher-Script a revolution by young India. Leher is an online portal aimed to put an end to Child Abuse. Later it was turned into a short film by director Siddharth Selvarai.

Scream features Iti Acharya, baby Ava D’abreo, Mario Jerome, Chetan Rao and Disha. It is an English short film.

The short film has been creating a lot of buzz in Jaipur recently after it won the third place at the International Children’s Film Festival of Jaipur (ICFF 2019 Jaipur). When asked actress Iti Acharya about the screening, she said, “After I read the script I got quite emotional as it’s a very sensitive issue. Even though we are in the 21st century today our society still has the existence of child abuse. The demon of child abuse is slowly but steadily making our society hollow. So I feel this is my opportunity to speak up and raise awareness regarding this issue.”

She added, “The short was made with the intension that it could reach the masses and I feel festivals are the best way to tell the people about the subject.”

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