It’s easy to post and show that you care when someone has already left: Meera Deosthale

Meera Deosthale feels that it’s “very easy to post and show that you care when someone has already left”. Her comment is in reference to actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sad demise which shook the whole nation. The actor was found hanging at his Bandra home.

She further said that if people had shown the same care towards him before the incident, it would have made a lot of difference.

“It is very easy to post and show that you care when someone has already left. I wish people had shown the same concern and respect when that person was struggling to stay alive each passing day,” Meera said.

The “Udaan” star also asserted that social media plays a big role in affecting one’s mental health.

“Social media has started to play a big role on mental health. Trolling someone can have a negative effect on someone. Most of the time when someone is trolled for say work of a certain look, it’s fine, it is all taken in good humour. But when they start writing personal comments, some people really stoop down to writing cheap and vulgar comments, then I feel like blocking them or lashing out on them,” she said.

She also admits that people use the medium wrongly and write whatever they want to.

“This is the mindset of people, ‘you can write anything on social media’. They don’t even consider how trolling can affect someone. They don’t think that it can have a negative impact on their mindset too,” Meera said.

The “Vidya” star also confessed that in our country people mock those who are suffering from depression or any other mental ailment.

“I somehow feel mental health is not addressed properly in our country. When someone around us says that they aren’t feeling good emotionally and mentally either we mock him or call that person ‘pagal’. I feel a counseling class should be inculcated in school so that the next generation kids do not carry any childhood baggage. Also, the concept of having a person to guide or listen or counsel will make it bearable for everyone to live in,” she said.

“Talking about the industry, as glamorous as it looks from the outside, it is a dark place to be in if you don’t have the right set of friends or support system. Our work is very uncertain and ur next work depends on how successful you are currently. The pressure of staying up in the market and what not,” Meera signed off.

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