“Know me first before judging” – Divyanka Tripathi gives it back to the trollers

Television actors getting bashed on social media is not an unusual affair. And these days, celebrities’ giving it back to their trollers is in vogue. While there are a number of A lister and other celebrities who put their foot down against those who try to publically shame them, the latest to join the league of bashing trollers is Television’s favorite actress, Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishi Maa.

Divyanka will be donning a special look in her popular daily, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) for a particular sequence. She will be portraying a Haryanvi character – Shanno. Actor’s keeping their fans updated about their real and reel lives on social media is a rage these days and Divyanka too uploaded a glimpse of her look on her Instagram handle.

While Divyanka would have expected some fancy comments given the fan following she has, there were questions shot at her with remarks describing her look as ‘disgusting’ and ‘pathetic’.

However, unlike other times where she has let such negativity surpass without being affected, Divyanka gave it back to her haters in her own style. The lady counter questioned the haters on how can one randomly take a dig on someone or bash anyone at all. Her reply to them is something to be given a thought at. She even rose a point of common sense holding her ground that nobody can judge her without knowing her.

Soon, her profile was filled with Divyanka’s fans seconding her thoughts and perspective.

Well, that’s commendable and fans should know their limits before passing remarks or comments specially on people who are hardworking entertainers.

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