Madhu gets irked watching Aditya and Zoya’s growing closeness in Bepannaah

MUMBAI: Colors’ show Bepannaah, starring Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda as Zoya and Aditya respectively, revolves around an interesting plot where Aditya and Zoya have turned into a fake couple for the benefit of Aditya’s company –the Virani Group Of Industries.

As seen in the episodes, Zoya refuses to be Aditya’s fake wife but finally decides to give in for reasons of sorts. Also, Kalpesh has entered the house to meet Aditya, much to Zoya’s surprise.

In the episodes ahead, Aditya will be seen getting a little protective towards Zoya as he will secretly enter the house and behave like a dotting husband. While Zoya will be a little surprised with his sudden change in behaviour, Zoya’s mother-in-law Madhu will get agitated with the closeness they share.

Madhu will then confront Aditya on his change of feelings and it is here where the latter will explain that he is doing all of this with a purpose and that there are no genuine feelings behind his actions.

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