Mohit Abrol & Laksh share a brotherly bond on the sets of PORUS

Mumbai: Sony Entertainment television’s magnum opus show Porus is keeping the viewers hooked on to some magnificent history. The viewers will be more excited to know that the onscreen brothers on the show Porus (played by Laksh) and Hasti (Played by Mohit Abrol) share a unique relationship where they are always seen squabbling but, they bond with each other very well. The onscreen brothers are often referred to as ‘Jay-Veeru’ on the sets. The two guys bond so well that they call themselves real brothers.

Speaking about their brotherhood Mohit Abrol shares, “Laksh and I have become very good friends since the first day of the show. We behave like real brothers on the sets.”

Recalling one incident from the shoot he shares, “During our shoot in Thailand, we had some action sequences to shoot where during the fight both of us used to get hurt. We used to tell each other’s makeup guy to dress our wounds as we couldn’t see each other in pain. This gave us brotherly feelings and we take good care of each other. It’s always nice to have him around on the sets.”

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In the upcoming episodes of Porus, the viewers will see how Puru reaches up to Sumer (played by Rishi Verma) and Shivdutt (Played by Aman Dhaliwal) demands Anusuya (played by Rati Pandey) in barter of Sumer. On the other hand, Hasti (Mohit Abrol) will reveal the truth about Anusuya and Porus to Darius.

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