‘Money’ drama in Aakash Aath’s Briddhasram

Kolkata: A lot of drama is in store for the viewers of Aakash Aath’s Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram!

Avid audience of the series would know that Jashoda (Lily Chakraborty) is aware of Sagnik’s wish of making a film based on the old age home. Now read on to know what will happen next-

Jashoda will call Aakash (Rajib Bose) and ask him to meet her.

Any guesses why?

Well, as we know, Aakash has sold their house. So, when he will come along with Shubho (Ayush Das) to meet Jashoda, she will ask him to give her some cash from the amount that he got after selling the house.

Will Aakash be ready to give the money? And will Sagnik be able to make the film? The upcoming episodes will unfold all the answers.

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