Nikhil Sinha launches VFX institute; Gautam and Karanvir grace the occasion

Successful producer Nikhil Sinha has been the force behind some of the most inspiring television shows including ‘Siya Ke Ram’ and ‘Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev’.
Now, Nikhil has added a new feather to his cap. The visual effects company that he owns namedVertex Volt has been directly involved with many popular shows on Indian television. Besidesworking for Triangle Films, the company has done the visual effects for shows like ‘Mahakumbh’, ‘Shapath’, Chandranandini’, ‘Naagarjun’, ‘Devon Ka Dev Mahadev’, ‘Hatim, Siya Ke Ram’, ‘Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta’ and many more.
Speaking about the venture, Nikhil says, “We started this company in 2011 with the show‘Mahadev’. As a technical person, I have been always inclined towards visual arts and effects. Also, I personally make shows which have a lot of VFX. I am someone who always tries to give something new to the industry. And when you work on shows which have loads of VFX, you understand your need more.”
Now the producer has gone ahead and launched a VFX institute as a way of promoting the quality of visual effects in TV shows and films. And actors Gautam Rode and Karanvir Bohra have joined Nikhil to launch the same.

Talking about the venture, he says, “I feel so good about this. Keeping aside all of my other works,this project was my dream, and it gives me immense satisfaction. Sharing your knowledge through the process of education gives one that satisfaction which is more than happiness.”
About the institute and his future plans, Nikhil shares, “My plan is to launch around twenty centres in the coming three years. We chose Ahmedabad because it is an important hub for education. Next, we are planning to launch institutes in Baroda and Lucknow. Our aim is to provide education on visual effects because the field is not that developed in India. This is more of a skill-based education, not that typical theoretical education. It is hands-on education which will help the students when they enter the practical field. We will also open centers in Mumbai, Delhi and other metropolitan cities after we expand in other B-towns.”

Nikhil has partnered with Hardik Gajjar for the venture. About Hardik, he says, “Hardik is my partner in the Vertex. We have known each other since six years, from the time of the show ‘Devon Ka Devon Mahadev’. We started the company Vertex VFX Studios. We both are very passionate people. We are always on the lookout for new technology, new trends and designs. So, four years back, we decided that students all over India should receive education on this subject. Thus, we opened this training centre where we could train young talent for the industry. Besides that, Hardik has 18 years of experience in the VFX field.”

Well, we are glad that the duo is pursuing their dream and spreading knowledge along the way.
Way to go, Nikhil!

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