Post leap in Naamkarann, Avni to change & Neil to be kidnapped

Mumbai: Star Plus’ much-adored daily, Naamkarann has witnessed a leap. Post the time leap, major tracks and twists are under the blankets for the viewers. In the upcoming track, things will totally change in the storyline.

Avni played by Aditi Rathore, will completely transform. The once bold and confident woman will transform into a terrified and weak girl. Furthermore, 10 years later she will be undercover and live with a group of illegitimate children. She will live in an NGO with kids that have been shunned by the society. Out of the many kids one will be Mishti whose name will be changed to Saisha while other will be Mowgli as business degree earlier reported.

Though there will be speculations that Mowgli will be Avni and Neil’s child, but in the future track, it will be disclosed that he is not the one.

Meanwhile, interestingly, Neil played by Zain Imam, will also enter the same NGO. Due to Karan Kapoor (Zaan Khan)’s upcoming film, and since Neil will be his bodyguard, they will shift to the NGO as a location. When Neil, will enter the NGO and meet the kids, things wont start on a good note.

What do you think about Naamkarann?

Assuming that Neil is a kidnapper and a goon, the kids will start thrashing him. They will attack him in a group and kidnap him.

However, despite being in the same NGO Neil and Avni won’t collide soon. It will take some time before the duo meets each other. Keep reading business degree for more such updates and exclusive stories.

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