Puneesh and Bandgi laugh at Bigg Boss 7 ex-couple Kushal-Gauahar

We are loving this season’s Bigg Boss. The colors’ reality show is seeing new controverises almost everyday. this is one place where you can actually expect the unexpected. the bigg Boss 11 inmates just want to gain attention, come what may! Anything is possible by the contestants of the house to gain the attention. whatever is being done and said in the Bigg Boss mansion is recorded and is also telecast on national television and we are sure the housemates are well aware if the fact but they are very cleverly portraying a different sight in front of the audience. They are pretty nonchalant while talking about various other celebrities or passing personal comments inf ornt of 300 + cameras!.
The most recent instance of this is Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma’s conversation. The two of them were heard talking about how Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon ran away from the house.
In an extra dose video on Voot.com, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi discuss about the eviction. Puneesh tells Bandgi, it would really be very tedious for him to live without her because he loves her like no end!
He says, “If I get evicted, I will die in this tension that that what Bandgi will do without me in the house.”
Bandgi replies, “I will come along with you, if I get evicted. What I wanted to understand through this show, I did. So, I will come.”
To which Puneesh replies, “it’s not possible as they will not allow you”
Bandgi then says, “I will run away from the house, what can they do then.”
Puneesh replies to this, “Wapas bhej denge tumhe Gauahar Khan ki tarah. (They will send you back in the house like Gauahar Khan)”
Bandgi laughs at it and asks, “Really? Gauahar Khan had run away?”
Puneesh says, yes it had happened, “Kushal ko yeh log ne bahar nikaal diya tha maar pit ke ilzaam mein. Gauahar bhi chali gayi thi uske saath.”
The two end the conversation realising that nothing further should be spoken.
Well if we talk about Bigg Boss season 7, Kushal Tandon was thrown out of the house over his violent behaviour with Andy. Like a true friend, Gauahar decided to pack her bags and leave the house with Kushal even though all the other contestants tried their best to convince her to stay.
Well, will Bandgi leave Bigg Boss 11 house if Puneesh Sharma gets evicted? Will the history repeat itself?
Well, all we can do is wait and watch!

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