Rakshanda Khan gets emotional on seeing Mona Singh as a bride

Mona Singh tied the knot with boyfriend Shyam Gopalan in a traditional Punjabi ceremony on December 27.

Rakshanda Khan was also a part of the celebrations. The actress shared her experience with Pinkvilla, saying, ‘It was beautiful! From the bride to the decor, everything was just gorgeous.’ When asked if Mona was jittery before the wedding, Rakshanda shared, ‘Does moms look like the kind of person who will get jitters!? Plus I think when you have waited such a long time to walk down the aisle to your Prince Charming it’s more like let’s get on with it.’

She exclaimed that the wedding was a ‘beautiful intimate ceremony, close friends, great food, informal atmosphere, lots of dancing, aur kya chahiye?’ s

Speaking of one emotional moment from the wedding, Rakshanda revealed, ‘Seeing Mona as a bride for the first time! Her mum and I had discussed it umpteen times but seeing my goofy nutty friend looking totally resplendent in red was one real emotional moment.’

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