Ranvijay’s brother Harman unravels the underwater warriors of the Indian Navy

New Delhi: Discovery Channel is launching a special series on the Indian Submariners as a part of its popular Breaking Point Franchise.

This is the first time that any private broadcaster will showcase a TV series on the underwater warriors of the Indian Navy – the submarine arm which just celebrated its golden jubilee anniversary in December 2017.

The special four part series ‘Breaking Point: The Indian Submariners’ will give the viewer a window into the world of complex, high-technology platform like the Submarines who acquire their strength from stealth in a very colloquial manner through the eyes of a common man, and anchor, Harman Singha (brother of Ranvijay Singha), who takes audiences into a world which has never been explored before – a journey to live the life of an Indian Submariner; from the classroom to the officers Mess through Escape Training School; to diving to the depths of the seas on board the INS Sindhukirti.

Vice Admiral Srikant AVSM, Indian Navy, said, “The Indian Submarines in its chartered 50 years of existence have made important contribution to national security. The Golden Dolphins, proudly adorned by Indian Submariners, reflects our passion, devotion, sweat and toil. A successful officer gets to put it on his/her uniform but it gets imprinted on your heart.”

“The Submarine arm has largely been away from the public eyes because it operates from the depths, beneath the water, and quietly add to the nation’s security cover. However, as we celebrate our golden jubilee of existence, we wanted to reach out to the nation and give them an insight into the life of our supremely talented officers who take grave risk to ensure that the maritime borders remain secure. We are proud to partner with a channel like Discovery and bring forth this unique four-part Breaking Point series on Indian Submariners. We believe this series will be an eye-opener for majority of our countrymen offering a never-seen-before insight into the life a submariner and the challenges he faces on a day to day basis,” he added.

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