Read to know about the upcoming twists in Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka

Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka (DJ’s Creative Unit) took a plunge in its storyline post the leap of 14 years.
TV actress Sukirti Kandpal is seen playing the role of Naina, while Simran Pareenja is portraying Kaali’s grown-up daughter Pavitra.

As per the current plot, Naina who continues to believe that her sister Pavitra is still alive, is on a hunt to find her. Interestingly, Naina has ended up staying in the same village Bhimpur where Pavitra resides. Now, Naina will bump into Pavitra, who will ask her to stay along with them for the time being. However, both of them are unaware about being sisters.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, Pavitra’s mom Maai (adoptive mother) will fall sick and they would not have money for her medication.

In Bhimpur, there is a ritual that if a girl crosses Ganga River she will have to live the life of a sati. And in return, the girl’s family will get five thousand rupees every month for survival.
Hence, to help her mother for medication, Pavitra will decide to take up the Ganga maiya ritual.
However, Pavitra will be unaware about the fact that the Thakur (Parad Tyagi) forces all these sati into prostitution.

Pavitra’s good friend Kajri, who has already been trapped by Thakur in prostitution, will manage to rescue her. She will try to tell the truth to Pavitra also.

It will be interesting to watch if Pavitra will be able to know the truth and save her mom. Also will Naina and Pavitra ever get to know that that they are sisters?

We buzzed Simran Pareenja but she remained unavailable to comment.
Stay tuned up this space for more updates on Kaala Teeka.

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