Read to know what will happen next on Colors’ Shani

Colors’ magnum opus, Karmphal Data Shani (Swastik Productions) is unfolding every aspect of life of lord Shani.
In the recent episode, viewers have seen how Brahmadev comes to Suryalok to warn Shani but Shani becomes ignorant towards it. And now it’s time to see some more intriguing twists.
Our source informs us, “In the upcoming episode, Sangya (Juhi Parmar) will enter into the Dand room and Dand stand will cause an explosion while she will see it. On the other hand, Chhaya (Juhi Parmar) and Shani (Kartikey Malviya) will be performing pooja when a bad omen will worry Chhaya. Vishwakarma (Gufi Paintal) will be seen coming to Shani and Chhaya to inform them about the bad omen but he will be stopped and Mahadev (Tarun Khanna) will tell him that it’s Shani’s destiny to find out the other energy sources.
At the Dand room, Sanghya will fall through a trap door and finds a cage like area protected by an energy that cannot be released. She will try to release it but all her efforts will go in vain. This will make her realize that she will find an answer to all her problems after setting the energy free.”
Will she be able to set the energy free? The upcoming episodes of the popular daily will unfold the answer to this question.
We tried but could not reach to the actors for a comment.

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