Reunion on the cards of MTV Love School S4

MUMBAI: MTV Love School S4 in its 3rd episode is on an incredible high, with elements of sugar and spice in equal measure. This episode gives you all the drama and high decibel entertainment taking place between the couples. As the confusion, chemistry, bond and love have started to sparkle in this school of love, audience will witness how the swap of partners will create a series of high voltage drama. Love professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar add a pinch of excitement with another assignment titled, ‘date o clock’, where the contestants are tricked into drinking concoction of a cocktail made of Aloe Vera juice and Isabgol. While the gay couple Devan and Pooja managed to complete the task, despite of having major issues of PDA in their relationship, the love professors helped them solve it, which resulted in their extraordinary performance.

The episode will take its audience through an emotional turmoil as one of the contestants will get eliminated and reunites Gizelle and Ramiz.

Stay tuned to MTV every Saturday at 7pm to keep your life as entertained as the love professors, because life is all about entertainment, love, and drama.

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