Rohit Bakshi finds ‘Shaktipeeth…’ role challenging

Mumbai: Actor Rohit Bakshi says essaying the role of Bhairav in Shaktipeeth Ke Bhairav is challenging as well as exciting.

“Every character has their shenanigans, but it all depends on the actor’s will power to take up that challenge and do justice to it,” Rohit said.

“The role of Bhairav is an exhaustive one and it requires a lot of dedication and patience to portray it, which has made me learn a lot throughout the journey,” he added.

Rohit says apart from the look of Lord Bhairav, he has donned almost 50 to 60 other get-ups in the show.

“It so happens that Bhairav morphs himself in various avatars like sadhu and Brahmin so that people don’t recognise him as Bhairav. It is very challenging but at the same time very exciting since I get to explore a lot… And honestly, I enjoy every part of it,” he added.

The mythological show is aired on BIG Magic.

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