Haldi ceremony is going on. Reporter says, have you seen father and son’s Haldi together? now you will see it. Father and son will do haldi ceremony together and will marry at sametime and will marry girl of same age Meera and Vidya.

Reporter says, Gora is clever, she first applied Haldi to her grandson Shravan then Haldi pot was about to fall but Dharam saves it in time, Gora gets happy and applies haldi on his face. Gora and dharam are happy but Shravan is not.

Off-screen Shravan says, I am happy that Dadi is applying haldi to me but I am miffed with my father, when he applied Haldi on my face, i didnt like it.

Reporter says, only one day is left in Shravan’s wedding, now we will see how both father and son look as groom.

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